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NextPoint offers turn-key, independent consulting services to licensed insurance professionals. We work with all producers, marketing organizations and carriers, and respect all existing hierarchies. 

Pension Optimization

  Give your clients control over the way their pension and profit sharing plans are taxed, so the money they think they have, turns into money they can actually spend. The Pension Optimization Plan turns taxable RMDs into tax-free income efficiently.  

Retirement Optimization

  Offer your clients an alternative to tax deductible retirement plans that are subject to uncertain tax treatment. The Retirement Optimization Plan creates leveraged tax-deferred growth combined with tax-free income and tax-free death benefit.  

Estate Optimization

  Help your high net worth clients transfer wealth with tremendous efficiency using carefully planned, closely monitored, premium financed life insurance strategies. The Estate Optimization Plan also uses a short exit strategy to reduce risk.  

About us

NextPoint Solutions offers all the sales and marketing support required to successfully present, implement and administer today's most powerful pension, retirement and estate planning strategies. Our Pension Optimization, Retirement Optimization and Estate Optimization Plans offer a simple framework upon which the most sophisticated plans can be tailored.  

"After more than 30 years selling life insurance, I am even more excited by the opportunities that exist today to help people achieve their business, retirement and estate planning objectives."

Chris Jacob, CFP


"At NextPoint, our goal is to work with successful individuals and their financial advisors as a team to ensure they receive the most efficient solutions delivered in the safest manner possible.

Robert Strauss, JD


Accountants Receive CPE Credits

Accountants inquire about hosting a live seminar or large screen webinar at your own firm, and receive CPE credits for any CPAs who attend.

Insurance Advisors

Highly qualified insurance professionals looking to optimize opportunities for their best clients may partner with NextPoint to offer POP, ROP and EOP. 

Begin by exploring our introductory Project containing videos and sample proposals for POP. Click below to join for free. Lifester was created by NextPoint Co-Founder Robert Strauss, JD.



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