Add Leverage to Your Favorite Strategies

Learn how you can enhance almost any life insurance strategy for the appropriate client by adding leverage.

Minimize the Risk

of Borrowing

Learn how SFI takes extra measures to reduce the risk of borrowing including use of non-callable loans, early loan payoff and more.

Responsibly Manage Financed Policies 

Learn how SFI is always there for you and your clients, not only at the time of sale, but during renewals and beyond.


Robert Strauss


Bob Strauss is the inventor of SFI, and the Founder and CEO of the Disciplined Advisor Network. Bob created SFI to help ease the burden of purchasing life insurance by financing premiums in an effective, yet responsible way.  

Bob is also the inventor, founder and CEO of Lifester Corporation. After 25 years of working with life insurance advisors as an attorney, consultant and entrepreneur, Bob created to help all parties come together as a team to better understand, sell and manage  SFI, and other complex insurance vehicles.

Bob is an honors graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and received his Juris Doctor from the Boston University School of Law. He is an innovator and frequent industry speaker.