Market your favorite products & strategies

Learn how you can create Projects and generate unique links to attract colleagues for recruitment and networking.

Speed up sales by improving workflow

Learn how to present to multiple parties, gather feedback, and communicate quickly without scheduled appointments.

Educate and train your distribution

Learn how Lifester can be used to create interactive courses to communicate product ideas and strategies in ways that will engage.


Robert Strauss


Bob Strauss is the inventor, founder and CEO of Lifester Corporation. After 25 years of working with life insurance advisors as an attorney, consultant and entrepreneur, Bob created to help all parties come together as a team to better understand, sell and manage this important, yet complex financial vehicle.

Bob is an honors graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and received his Juris Doctor from the Boston University School of Law. He is an innovator and frequent industry speaker. Bob would love to hear from you, and tries to host the demos himself whenever possible. You can reach Bob by connecting on LinkedIn or contacting him directly at